Who Are Barnet TUC?

Barnet Transport Unification Collective is a group of anonymous writers from the Transport Sector

The men and women driving the buses, taxis and trains in London are amongst the hardest working individuals in the world.


London is a city that truly doesn’t sleep.

Since the city’s complete modernisation in the mid-90s, all iterations of the transport system that ferries millions of inhabitants every day, have been completely overhauled for the modern age.

Nearly 28,000 people work for Transport for London, the government body that runs the city’s busses, trains, taxis, trams and river services. All these people are responsible for millions of journeys everyday, ensuring that the people of London get to their destinations safely and on time. However, these people aren’t always thanked for their work.

The London Underground might have only seen the installation of 5 new lines since 1900, but the stations have been put under a growing number of pressure. Today, the Underground system successfully handles nearly 5 million individual journeys everyday across the 250 miles of it’s entire track length. In addition to this, four lines are currently running 24-hour services to the city, providing secure transport all through the night.


The endless demand for round the clock transport has led to many individuals working unsociable hours, long shifts and coming into contact with potentially abusive customers. This can lead to a stressful work environment which could negatively impact a person’s life – Barnet TUC serves as an outlet for this.

Through sharing the experiences of those working in the transport system, we hope to raise awareness of the realities that ordinary people face, whilst working in one of the World’s busiest cities.